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Original Zero Calorie 48 cans
Slow Cow - Original - no sugar,no calories,no caffeine
Original Zero Calorie 48 cans
Original Zero Calorie 48 cans
Original Zero Calorie 48 cans
Original Zero Calorie 48 cans

Original Zero Calorie 48 cans

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Mind Cooler for you.
Slow Cow is a mind cooler, designed for the modern and conscious consumer in order to inspire an active and balanced lifestyle with a focus on well-being. Slow Cow contains 6 botanical extracts and has a fresh taste of dragon fruit and citrus. Slow Cow is calorie free, contains no sugar, caffeine, taurine or preservatives. Slow Cow is for everyone, old and young, overworked, stressed, parents, athletes and students.

Slow Cow is infused with botanical extracts known to improve concentration, and promote relaxation, without causing sleepiness. The benefits provided by its six natural ingredients are numerous.

All the benefits of the ingredients.
L-theanine promotes relaxation, improves the brain’s capacity to concentrate, learn and memorize, and it increases cerebral levels of dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure. Chamomile is reputed for treating insomnia. Passiflora induces relaxation. Valerian, linden and hops help to reduce nervousness. Sodium helps regulate fluid levels in the body & Aids in improving brain function. Diets that include foods rich in potassium are associated with lower blood pressure.

For your mind and your body.
Slow Cow is a Mind Cooler, designed with botanical extracts that help you relax and stay focused, during the pressure of everyday life.

That's why we say that, Slow Cow is full of ingredients that help relax your mind and body, sharpen your mental focus, all without causing drowsiness.



Slow Cow Mind Cooler’s vision: Imagine a STRESS-FREE lifestyle with FOCUS on WELL-BEING and NATURAL CALMNESS.
Take a minute to discover SLOW COW
Gluten free, No GMO, Vegan

Medicinal ingredients:
L-THEANINE 132 mg; Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L) 66 mg; Valerian, (Valeriana officinalis L) 66 mg; Passiflora (Passiflora incarnata L) 66 mg; Linden (Tilia cordata Mill) 46 mg; Hops (Humulus lupulus L) 1.6 mg.

Non-medicinal ingredients:
Carbonated water, Dragon fruit citrus flavor, citric acid, sodium citrate, potassium citrate, sucralose, brilliant blue FCF.
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